Ordering Stamps

We don't have online ordering yet, but cheer up and dust off your handwriting skills. Print an order form or use ours as a model to draw up your own. Fill it out as if your future stamps depended on it. Mail, email, scan or fax it to us. Or you can email us a photo of your finished order form. Or simply type your order details into an email message. We will send you a Square invoice. And soon your stamps are on their way.

Pleasure in Text

The catalog is also available in a deluxe 16-page print edition. Send $3 USA or $6 World for your copy of the 2006-2023 Leavenworth Jackson catalog.


Rubber Stamp Catalog

Click here to browse over 412 rubber stamp offerings online. This catalog is current through 2023 and probably beyond. Check out our Newsletters for additional stamp designs.

solstice sun art

Stamp Prices

Each stamp design shown in the catalog has an item number ending with an alphabetic letter. This corresponds to a price listed in the Price Code chart at the bottom of our order form.

Shipping Worldwide

Most orders are shipped via First Class Mail within 48 hours of receipt. Please refer to our order form to determine shipping costs and methods of payment. Shipping on International Orders is calculated per individual order. USA orders still ship for a flat $5 rate.

Unmounted Stamps and Supplies

Yes. Resuscitate your stamp collection without defoliating your wallet. Unmounted Stamps are half the price of Mounted Stamps. Check out the left side of our catalog order form for the scoop on ordering Unmounted Stamps. Information on stamp pads and other supplies lives there too.