Rubber Stamp Hygiene

Gentle attention with a damp cloth and an old toothbrush should restore your good impressions. Prolonged exposure to sunshine will deteriorate your rubber assets, so keep those stamps in the shade. For healthy stamps, lungs and planet, avoid cleaning with petrochemical products or harsh solvents.

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Contact Us

Best way is email. Or drop us line via postal mail at the Post Office Box address shown at the bottom of this page. Or you may leave a voice message or send a fax to 510.704.9988 anytime night or day.

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Rubber Stamp Orders

Stamp orders from our catalog are welcome via postal mail, email and fax. Please note that we do not make custom-designed rubber stamps. In time we will add online ordering but until it's ready, please avail yourself of the older technologies that can be accomplished by candlelight if necessary. And remember, when filling out your order forms, please print as clearly as if your future stamp collection depended on it. Thanks and Best Wishes...